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Dick and Bobbi Strom

Position: Chairman of the Deacons

Dick Strom has been a Deacon and Usher at Bainbridge First Baptist Church for over 25 years, also having taught the Young Married Sunday School, and later, the Adult Sunday School for close to 30 years. He was also the Church Sunday School Superintendent for a number of years. In addition, Dick is in charge of the outside maintenance of the church property.

Bobbi Strom has been a youth Sunday School teacher, and presently is active in taking care of infants in the Church nursery.

Having grown up in other church denominational settings, following military service, and marriage in 1969, Dick and his wife Bobbi felt the leading of the Holy Spirit, through the encouragement of church member friends, to attend Bainbridge First Baptist. Following some weeks of attendance and soul searching here, they were led of the Lord to understand that this was where God wanted them. In February 1974 Dick and Bobbi placed their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and continue to serve Him since that time.

Dick and Bobbi have four grown, married children through whom they have been blessed with eight grandchildren. Dick and Bobbi started up, and have together run their business, Modern Collision Rebuild on Bainbridge, since 1974.