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Glenn and Amy Prindle

Position: Music Director

Glenn & Amy both grew up in the Poulsbo area, attended the same high school (one year apart), and began attending Bainbridge First Baptist Church during their high school years. In 1979, after high school graduation, Glenn headed off to Faith Baptist Bible College (FBBC) in Ankeny, Iowa. Amy followed him a year later. While there Glenn studied general pastoral subjects, including Greek & Hebrew, and received his minor in music. After graduation from FBBC, Glenn did further Greek and Hebrew studies at Northwest Baptist Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. Glenn’s main instruments include piano, classical guitar, and baritone horn. Besides music, other interests include teaching and language studies. Amy studied general Bible courses and music courses at college. Her instruments include French horn, trumpet, and piano. She enjoys reading and baking.

Though Glenn & Amy knew each other for a number of years, they didn’t actually start dating until their last year of college at FBBC. In 1984 they got married. Their two now adult children both share their love of music and are music majors in college. Glenn and Amy each received Christ as their Savior as teenagers, largely because of the gospel preaching they heard at Bainbridge First Baptist Church through the ministry of Pastor Ken Wymer.