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In the fall of 1956 Pastor Lloyd Lowe and Pastor John Rhulman Sr. of Eastgate Baptist Church developed a vision of starting a Baptist Church on Bainbridge Island. Within a few months of visiting the island, they had rented the unused Eagledale grade school building for their first services which were lead by Pastor Lowe.

The following year the Covenant, Constitution and Statement of Faith were adopted and in May of 1957 the church was officially accepted into fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC).

Historical Photo

Pastor Kenneth Wymer from Northwest Baptist for Home Missions came in 1960 with his wife Marge and family to pastor and serve our church. As our church continued to grow, need was felt to expand. In 1965 a three acre parcel of property was purchased off of highway 305.

June of 1968 marked the date of the last church service held in the Eagledale school site from that time until October of 1970 various buildings and schools were rented in which to hold our church services. Members, friends and local families helped construct and build our 120x 48 sanctuary. October 1970 marked our first service in our current building. In 1972 we added on our office, library and youth room and in 1976 our fellowship hall and nine more classrooms were added.

Over the years, five young men from our church (pastors’ Daniel and David Wymer, Wayne Hart and Ross and Doug Swope) have gone into the ministry as Baptist preachers.

After faithfully serving at Bainbridge First Baptist Church for over 42 years, Pastor Kenneth Wymer retired in September 2002, at which time the church called his son, Pastor Daniel Wymer, and wife Judy, to the pastorate of Bainbridge First Baptist Church Pastor Daniel Wymer has continued faithful in teaching and preaching the Word, and we continue to see daily the fruits of Pastor Dan’s labors here, through the work of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of many associated with this great work of God.